Clima-Flex | A Member of Daikin Group

The Wallpack series of equipment is designed to robustly meet cooling needs at a low cost with high performance, thanks to significant energy savings in applications such as mobile telephony, electrical rooms, classrooms, and containers.

Wallpack units can be easily installed, configured, monitored, and maintained.
Due to their benefits and features combined with reliable components and high-quality materials, this is the perfect equipment for your direct expansion cooling needs.

The Wallpack is designed to meet the requirements of any project for telecommunications networks, data centers, laboratories, commercial, and industrial use.

The operation of the Wallpack includes the option to modularize capacity according to the required demand and, consequently, achieve precise, rapid temperature control with efficient energy consumption.

Standard Configuration

  • Voltages 208-230/1/60 | 208-230/3/60 | 460/3/60
  • AHRI and ETL Certifications, Complies with ASHRAE 90.1 Eligible for LEED Projects
  • EER 11
  • Fixed Scroll Compressor
  • Refrigerant R410A
  • Fixed Axial Condenser Fan
  • Fixed Centrifugal Evaporator Fan
  • Microchannel Condenser
  • Cu/Al Evaporator
  • Standard Control Ready for 24V Thermostat (not included)
  • High and Low Pressure Switches
  • High and Low Pressure Transducers
  • Electronic Expansion Valve
  • Voltage Variation Protections
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Phase Failure Protection
  • Main Switch
  • Standard 1″ Fiberglass Air Filter
  • Standard Temperature Range 61°F to 115°F (0°C to 46°C)
  • Fresh Air Inlet Included in All Models

Optional Configurations

  • Electric Resistance 5 and 10 Kw (Nominal Capacity)
  • Freecooling with Motorized Actuator (Economizer)
  • Control for Operation in Low Temperatures.
  • Digital Controller (BACNET IP, Remote Monitoring)
  • Anti-Saline Protection on Condenser
  • Merv 8-1” Filter, Merv 8-2” Filter, Merv 11-2” Filter, Merv 13-2” Filter
  • Wall Thermostat


3 Tons. / 5 Tons.
Width108.642 25/32"
Length64.725 31/64"
Height228.690 1/32"